Bruno Isaković is a performer and choreographer living in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated with a degree in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2009. From year 2011 till 2015 he was a member of Contemporary Dance Studio, a company based in Zagreb. He is Artistic director of Sounded Bodies Festival happening annually in the fall season in Zagreb, Croatia.

Isaković regularly teaches workshops and dance classes. (Bilgi University of Performing Arts – Istanbul, contemporary dance department at The Academy of Dramatic Art – Zagreb – , TSEKH Summer School – Moscow)

He has received various scholarships, as well as Jury Award and Best Solo Dance at Solo Dance International Festival in Budapest and Croatian national award 2016 as a best choreographer for Denuded (ensemble version).

His solo Denuded, created in year 2013, toured around the world and was performed close to 30 times, covering 5 continents from New York, Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo to Hobart. This led him to creation of ensemble version of the work. Performance Disclosures was created and premiered in New York in September 2015 while Croatian version raSkrivanja was premiered in June 2016. Latest work Suddenly Everywhere was created in collaboration with Mia Zalukar, it premiered in June 2017 in Croatia on Perforations Festival.