Bill is dead

  • Created and Performed by

    Bruno Isaković, Mia Zalukar

  • Dramaturgy

    Vedrana Klepica

  • Premired

    12.12.2020. Zagreb dance centre, Croatia

  • Light design

    Saša Fistrić

  • Production

    Malo Sutra, Domino, Tjedan Suvremenog plesa

  • Partners

    Zagreb dance center

  • Financial support

    Croatian Ministry of Culture

  • Duration

    55 min

  • Audio design

    Hrvoje Nikšić

  • Costume design

    Ana Fucijaš

  • Graphic design

    Bruno Isaković

Mia Zalukar and Bruno Isaković are continuing their ‘doublebill’ about power relations between a man and a woman in a a form of a fairy-tale. Performance Bill is dead erases the boundaries of hyperbole and reality. Woman and man are playing with visual and performative archetypes while questioning the relationship between the authenticity of their actions and freedom of their choices.

Questions like ‘How to manipulate the conditioned structure of power relations?’, ‘To whom compromise is a gesture and to whom it is an obligation?’ and ‘Is it possible that no one is convinced that he/she is getting a raw deal?’ are seductively creating this fairy tale about the death of patriarchy. Bill is dead enthusiastically plays with the factory settings of patriarchal mechanisms and its warranty that has long expired.