• Created by

    Bruno Isaković in collaboration with Lana Hosni

  • Dramaturgy

    Mila Pavićević

  • Performed by

    Lana Hosni

  • Premired

    15.10.2014. at Sounded Bodies Festival

  • Production

    Contemporary Dance Studio and Perforations Festival

  • Partners

    Prostor plus Rijeka

reMOVE is inspired by the opus of the experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold we appropriated the principle of looping the image, namely movement and translated it into the field of live performance. We asked ourselves: “How to suggest a (melo)dramatci relationship on stage by acquiring a simple mechanical principle?”

The impression of theatricality is being formed in front of the audience as a result of very simple actions coming out of the physicality of the bodies of the performers. Additionally, the principle of repetition is vey present in the contemporary dance techniques and that in itself defines the bodies of the dancers. So, what are the ways in which we deal with technique? In which way do we perceive the meanings that come out of loop-ing?