• Created and Performed by

    Bruno Isaković

  • Premired

    16.09.2013. at Perforation festival, Dubrovnik

  • Light design

    Saša Fistrić

  • Production


  • Partners

    Art Radionica Lazareti

  • Financial support

    Ministry of Culture

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Solo Denuded is about the body, movement and stillness, breathing and, most importantly, about a constant contact with the audience. The communication of the naked body and the gaze is the work’s driving force. Isaković examines the physicality of this subject, separate from the source of its meaning, in a solo transformation ritual. Here the visible becomes a site for investigating the invisible and the potential relationships among those who are different. Denuded examines the transformation of physicality upon release from its own source, reflecting upon being-in-the-world through the medium of ritual atmosphere. The work was created during a process that involved not only physical (de)formations of the body movements, but invoked psychological introspection to breath towards intensity which becomes the motif of the whole performance. Denuded denotes anything not fitting our framework of rationality, and it opens up spaces to be filled with irrationality we all carry within us.