Yira yira

  • Created by

    Bruno Isaković, Nataša Rajković

  • Created and Performed by

    Juan Ejemplo, Leandra Atenea Levine Hidalgo, Pichón Reyna, Sofía Tramazaygues

  • Premired

    10.11.2019. / Teatro El Extranjero, Buenos Aires, Argentiina

  • Production

    Malo Sutra, Domino, EPK 2020

  • Performed at locations

    Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo

  • Duration

    1 hour

The performance “Yira, yira” (Cruising, cruising) talks about experiences of four sexual workers from Argentina in which Sofia, Pichon, Larry and Leandra reveal aspects of prostitution we rarely think about. Through their stories we enter the world of sexual work defined by personal choice and circumstances, but we also become aware that at the same time we are talking about work conditions in general, demand and supply curves in an open market, margins and centres and social powers that come with those positions, desires and fears, dreams and realities.

Society exploits and take pleasure in sexual work to the same extent as it moralises and despises it. Prostitution therefore becomes a complex crossroad of economy, sex, gender, age, power dynamics, class and choice. When we think about exchange of money for sex, we usually consider only the clients paying the sexual workers for their service, but what is the full price in reality and who pays it in the end? Clients with their money or sexual workers with their social status, legal insecurities and many more risks that come with the job?