• Created by

    Bruno Isaković in collaboration with performers

  • Performed by

    Diana Y Greiner, Elena Light, Alexander Paris

  • Ryan M. McKelvey, Qween Amor, Christopher DeVita

  • Premired

    September, 2016. Abrons Art Centre, New York

  • Production

    Queer New York International Performing Festival

  • Partners

    Abrons Art Centre

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Disclosures is a performance that invites people to share their stories, fears and confidences, demystifying borders of privacy and nakedness as they strip away their clothes. Getting naked/being naked/nakedness is an intimate experience closely related to one’s individuality and the social norms of one’s surroundings. Whether extrovert or introvert, the idea of nakedness connotes meaning for everyone—about borders, privacy, shame, vulnerability, the gaze of the other, and the social order. It can also serve as a powerful affirmation of self, an empowering mirror through which one might not only see themselves, but also more fully see others. For the purposes of this experiment/performance nakedness is utilized as a vehicle for the individual’s story, reason, self-representation—a history into which all these meanings are condensed.