• Created by

    Bruno Isaković, Mia Zalukar

  • Performed by

    Mateja Miković, Gendis Putri Kartini

  • Premired

    18.5.2023. @ Zagrebački plesni centar

  • Light design

    Saša Fistrić

  • Production

    Malo Sutra, Domino

  • Partners

    Zagreb dance center

  • Financial support

    Grad Zagreb, Ministarstvo kulture

  • Duration

    55 min

  • Video design

    Dragan Đokić

  • Audio design

    Hrvoje Nikšić

  • Costume design

    Ana Fucijaš

Heroes is a new dance performance by Bruno Isaković and Mia Zalukar in which they enter a universe full of intimate questions about the meaning of everything we know and, especially, everything we don’t know, that awaits us in the future. The title of the play is significant not only because it suggests it finds its initial point of reference in the character, work and mythology of David Bowie, but because it opens up the possibility of the existence of heroes in some other dimensions where the show takes us. Needing to escape the avalanche of information we face every day and the responsibility towards the threats that currently cast a shadow on our planet, we turn to the stars and escape into space. The recognizable verse “we could be heroes, just for one day” doesn’t just leave us in the domain of a pop song that stays with us, but grows into a message that comes to us from our own future. The authors and creative team of this show explore the connection between what we see on stage and what we usually don’t see in ourselves. Inevitably, we come to the moral and ethical reasoning of today’s heroes, because we have to dig deeper and deeper into our generational stumbles in order to reconstruct the kind of image of the world that would make us really believe in those who passionately want to save it. This performance takes us on a path of questioning what kind of revolutions we have today and what kind of (anti)heroes they actually call for?